CRA is an Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS) licensed community based, non-profit (501c3) organization, that provides Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) services and supports to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. A CILA is a living arrangement provided to “Adult Waiver” participants in a group home, family home or apartment where eight or fewer unrelated adults with developmental disabilities reside under supervision of CRA’s trained staff. Individuals receive a comprehensive individualized array of residential supports, and personalized services under the direction of a Community Support Team (CST) within CRA. Supports in community living are provided in the following manner:

Twenty-Four Hour CILA

These homes have on-site shift staff available during all times when participants are present. Staff provide both scheduled and unscheduled supports and services as needed by participants.

Intermittent CILA

Serves individuals whose support plan documents that they do not require 24-hour, on-site staff presence and documents the situations in which individuals may safely be away from direct staff supervision. Intermittent Residential services in apartments or family homes have staff available on call 24 hours per day. On-site shift staff are available to provide both scheduled and unscheduled supports and services as needed by the participants served and as specified in each participant's support plan.

Family CILA

Similar to Intermittent CILA, except that individuals are provided support in the home of their natural family/relatives and/or friends.

Person Centered Planning

Each individual will have a personalized centered support plan developed to include group and individual events which will be designed to encourage self-care and enhance the individual’s abilities to engage in normalized cycles of life.

Community Integration

Individuals will be provided on-going participation in community life and time spent out of the living arrangement for events such as religious, Civic, education, library, clubs, shopping and amusement. Other such events include participation in family activities and celebrations (i.e. holidays, birthdays, reunions), communication (telephone and mail/email) and vacations.

Community Day Services   

Each individual will have the opportunity to recieve community day services of their choice, located within their community. Community support team planning will be conducted to insure that the proper coordination of services are rendered at the appropriate employment level(s).

Health /Nutritional Services

Nursing and dietary services are provided on a continuous basis, to insure that each individual receives medication, treatment and diets as specified by the individuals’ primary care physician.

Social Habilitation

Proper social skills, hygiene, grooming, clothing selection, relationship, and educational supports.

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